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Assistant Operations Manager
Evergreen Orchard Farm is seeking Assistant Operations Manager to assist operations manager and owner. Need Bachelor’s & 12 months of exp. in management.
Call Mr.Kim at 609 548 1313

Job title : Assistant Operations Manager

Supervisor name Chong Il Kim

Minimum education requirement Bachelor’s Degree

Minimum experience requirement 2+ years in management

Job duties
Assistant Farm Operation Manager should:
• Be willing to work extended hours, up to 6 days a week (50-60 hours)
• Be interested in working within the complexity of retail as well as wholesale business.
• Have a passion for agriculture and food production

Job duties in detail:
* Oversee and plan seasonal operations including sapling production
* Make occasional produce deliveries to client markets if needed
*Assist in fruit caring and harvesting operations throughout the year.
* Assist in fruit picking season operations for retail customers
* Assist the Farm Production Manager and Retail Operations Manager in managing
efficient farm operations while maximizing labor and equipment resources
* Assist the Farm Production Manager in managing and overseeing daily irrigation
operations, including repairs, movement and installation
* Lead packing house operations to ensure proper inventories of incoming and outgoing
produce, working closely with the Senior Farm Production Manager and Retail
Operations Manager
* Assist Farm Production Manager in making pest control evaluations and decisions within
an Integrated Pest Management approach
* Manage farm production records of all spray, pesticide, application, planting, care,
production, and harvesting records

Analyzing existing farm production to set up a daily, weekly and monthly production target
Manage manpower and material input for fruit farming according to the given target and budget
Improve product quality by inspecting fruits, developing methods and training labors

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