Here are the more frequently asked questions by consumers – feel free to check here first if there is anything you’re curious about:

Q: How can I find out what you are picking today?


Q: What is the cost for fruit picking?

A: Please see the .

Q: Does Evergreen Farm have restrooms?

A: Yes, we have a large indoor restroom .

Q: Can I bring my dog/pet to the farm?

A: Sorry no, in maintaining good agricultural practices, we do not allow dogs/pets anywhere on the farm (Service Dogs are not pets and therefore, not included in this policy). Please leave your dogs/pets at home.

Q: How do I book a group trip?


Q: Can I have a picnic on the farm?

A: The picnic area is reserved for customers purchasing items from the Farm . Welcome bringing in outside food.

Q: Do you offer birthday party packages?

A: Sorry, we do not offer birthday packages

Q: Is Evergreen Farm handicap accessible?

A: We do the best we can to make sure the farm is accessible to everyone. However, most of the farm including the parking area is gravel or grass so the terrain in some areas can be challenging