※ It varys depending on weather

MAR  Saplings March 1 – April 20
Apr  Seedlings
(Pepper, Cucumber,pumpkin,eggplant, melon, sesame leaf, lettuce)
365 Days    Dried Jujube(Organic USA certified), Black Bean( NON-GMO),

White Bean(NON-GMO)/ Year Round

Jul  Plum : July 21
 Korean Peach July 23
 Kangwondo Waxy Corn (Sticky Corns) : July 21
 Melon : July 31
Aug  Korean Grape : Mid August
 Honey Apple : Late August
Aug 15 – Nov 15
Pepper, Eggplant, Squash, Cucumber, Chinese cabbage, Turnip, etc
Sep  Golden Pear : Early September
Oct  Singo Pear : Early October
 Fuji Apple : Late October
Nov  Black Bean, Soy Bean : All the year round
All the year round  Dried Dates (Jujube) – All the year round
 Dried Black Bean – All the year round


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