How to plant seedlings


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how to plant

Brush aside loose organic material such as leaves, grass, etc., from the planting spot to expose mineral soil. If organic matter gets into the planting hole, it can decompose and leave air spaces. Roots will dry out when they grow into these spaces.

Open up the hole, making sure the hole is deep enough for the roots to be fully extended. If roots are curled or bunched up, the tree will not be able to take up water correctly, will often weaken and die, or may blow down later due to poor root structure.

Take a tree out of planting bag or bucket only after a hole is ready. When exposed, the fine roots can dry out in as little as 30 seconds. Remember to remove the container before planting a containerized tree.

Hold the seedling in place in the hole, making sure the roots are straight, fully extended and that the tree is neither too shallow or too deep in the hole.

Fill hole, allowing soil to fall in around the roots. Tamp with hands or with your heel. Fill with more soil, if necessary, and tamp. Tamping is important. If soil is not firmly packed around the roots, there will be air pockets that can dry out the roots, and the seedlings may be weakly anchored. (Addition of fertilizer and plant vitamins at the time of planting is not generally necessary.)

Care in planting is more important than speed. With regard to spacing, it is better to pick a planting spot shaded by a stump, log or rock, than to strictly follow recommended spacing.

Avoid these tree planting errors:

  • Tangled roots
  • Planting too shallow
  • Planting too deep
  • Air pockets
  • Turned up roots
  • Planting over rocks


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